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Preserving Original Manuals & Documents

There’s nothing like the feeling of a “score” when we find the perfect vintage or antique machine. There it is, sitting all alone on the shelf in a thrift store or corner of a garage sale. We snatch it up and rush to throw cash at whomever will take it and let us leave with it. And then, the best part – we get home, and dig through every nook and cranny to get to know the newest member of our machine family. Bigger score – sometimes there’s an original manual, or even the best of the best of hidden gems – the original sales receipt! Yes, it does happen, but not often. One of the biggest joys of collecting these treasures is collecting the history. Any hint of where the machine came from

Thread Nesting & Breaking Issues?

Nothing crushes the soul more than sitting down to some much-needed sewing time like thread nesting and breaking. Let us help you before yo

Horror Flick Poster Applique

Yes, these are laser cut, pre-fused applique pieces made into horror flick quilted movie posters using Moda Grunge & Kona. The last few weeks have been non-stop mayhem. We just finished up our fall Corn Maze Shop Hop, and I've had an exciting string of guild lectures one after another. It's basically been a month full of my favorite things all at one time! That being said, I think I've discovered a quick and easy - yet satisfying - sub-hobby that gives me just enough of a mental break. It all started because of a planned trip this coming week to go home to St. Louis for a dear friend's birthday. Every year for the last few years, we've made plans to either go there or for them to come

Andi Barney

Atlanta, GA, USA


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